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1-9 people:

1500 rubles per hour

For us, the cyclorama is a long and interesting story about search for perfect solutions. What kind of coating should we use, from whose mistakes can we learn and what can surprise the experienced audience? What can we do for maximum comfort of our guests – either for physical or for creative one?

Feeling a little pride because of the work done we would like to tell you: we managed it! And now we are going to tell you what expects you in this ideal in all possible aspects space.

The first principle of the «CIRCLE STATE» – is cleanness.

Renting our cyclorama you can be sure that you will come to the brilliant white space that has no single dirty spot, no footprints, no creases and no scratches. Obvious advantages:

  • You don't have to waste your time on retouching the background from unwanted dirt and defects. Post-production won't last long anymore and all your forces will be focused on retouching only the models themselves.
  • You don't need to worry about cleanness of your clothes and yourself. If a model is asked to lie or sit on the floor, she won't feel discomfort anymore. This refers to photographers too in the cases when you need to sit or lie down on the floor to find the right camera angle. What we have is a clean white surface with no dust and no rubbish that will not leave you any doubts.

  • Cleanness is relaxing and soothing thing. When you are not surrounded by chaos which prevents your actions, you start to breathe easy and create. The only things you have here are you, your camera and model. Isn't that great?

I can't believe, — you would say, — any cyclorama in any studio eventually becomes worthless and it can be saved only by tinting it in time! And what about this dirt which can't be removed after plenty of shootings?
So what do we do for all of the aforesaid not to be just loud and empty statements?

2 steps of CIRCLE-cleanness:

1) We tidy our space very carefully after each shooting. Yes, after each one. And carefully. With all the love and care because our studio is a home for us. Firstly, we remove garbage in different amounts. Then we clean all the stains and footmarks by using special washing agents. Next step is a wet cleaning of all the surface by the equipment which is used only in our cyclorama. And finally, cleanup with a vacuum cleaner. As you can see, there is no chance for filth to stay in out studio.

2) With same eagerness we try to keep the original appearance of our space (meaning its blazing whiteness) for each guest. All guests are supposed to wear free disposable slippers and white gloves. Wearing slippers while walking on the white surface in our space is a necessary condition which refers to all the participants of shooting except models. Models can use transparent adhesive tape which is supposed to be pasted on soles of shoes.
The second principle of the «CIRCLE» is comfort

What do we mean by the word 'comfort'? First of all, your serenity. Calmness begins where everything you need is on hand and nothing extraneous distracts you from work. The «CIRCLE» space has a private room, hidden from curious eyes, where will be only you and your team. And, of course, everything that is necessary:

  • Comfortable dressing area with two equipped workplaces. There you will find big professional mirrors, comfortable director chairs and rails with hangers for clothes. The dressing room itself is separated from the main room by a dense black curtain for the psychological comfort of models that change their clothes and masters who do models' hair and makeup.
  • Special recreation area for those who do not participate in the shooting or have already finished their work.
    • Separate spacious bathroom which is in a step away from the main room.
  • «STATE CAFE» on the floor – full meal or just coffee and dessert, it's up to you.
The third principle of the «CIRCLE» space – full stack production.

We were inspired by the work of large teams on serious projects and that helped us in making our cyclorama. We were creating this thinking about how nice and comfortable is it to come to the place where everything is initially provided for you. What always expects you:
  • White matte surface. We purposefully have not covered the cyclorama with varnish or any other protective substances that could give unwanted flares on your photos. Perfectly calculated radius of cyclorama's angle is 1 meter with no joints or gaps. And that means: no extra shadows!
  • 4 top sources of pulsed light Elinchrom with any necessary attachments. By default, in the room there is always octabox Litemotiv 190 cm, softbox, 2 stripboxes 35х100cm, background reflector and three reflectors 21cm(50°).
  • 4 ceiling hooks where you can hang the swing, tapes and other similar accessories. Each hook can withstand a load of 130 kg so there is no risk of falling down :)
    • Opportunity to shoot using the natural light. Thanks to 2 large windows the cyclorama is lit by soft, diffused light. On sunny days (2 p.m. - 6 p.m.) you can catch stunning shadows from the windows and beautiful reflexes on the model's body. If you don't want any natural light, you can easily cover windows with dense opaque Roman curtains.
If you book the space for 2+ hours, you will get for free:

  • Additional light sources and attachments for them.
  • Canon 5D Mark III + 85mm f1.2 lens.
  • IMac 27" with a package of licensed software + 5m cable connector that is suitable for cameras like Canon, Nikon, Sony, etc. (for the full list of compatible cameras you can ask the administrator).
Photographer: Ekaterina Uvarova
Model: Diana Titkova | DNK Model Management
Makeup artist: Irina Shpinak
Makeup artist's assistant: Katya Kirillova
Stylist: Eugenia Kashtan
Model: Diana | DNK Model Management
Photographer: Roman Zhelikhovskii
Stylist: Alina Artey
Makeup artist: Mila Markeeva
Hair master: Ivan Ivanov
Stylist's assistant: Aleksandra Dedyulina
Retouch: Alina Baikova
(812) 628-26-12
Every day 09:00am - 23:00pm
Saint-Petersburg, Chaikovskogo street 79
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